Dr. Ange Gaël Pambo Pambo N’diaye, The Sublime in Elie Wiesel’s Night
The Sublime in Elie Wiesel’s Night
Dr. Ange Gaël Pambo Pambo N’diaye 
Maître-assistant/Littérature américaine
Département d’Etudes Anglophones 
Université Omar Bongo, Libreville  
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Abstract: This paper has some implications both in Literature and Translation. It establishes
a parallel between the work of a novelist and that of a translator. It shows their
complementary aspects. How translation turns into rewriting, that which enriches
consequently literary imagination from the departure text. The reflection on different
modalities of literary translation, using a post-structural prism, sheds light on the prime
signified. The apprehension of this essential element is correlated to the sublime, as it grants
authority and credibility to the final translation. 
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